Monday, July 17, 2017

Weekend Wrap-Up

On Friday evening we just stayed home for dinner and hung out around the house.  The only exciting thing was that Madelyn's new backpack and lunch box came in the mail that day.  She was so happy and is ready for 1st grade to start!  Too bad, she's only halfway through the summer. ;)

Saturday morning came bright and early with this guy.  At least he's happy.  This picture is blurry but he's just so cute enjoying his waffle and oatmeal with strawberries for breakfast.  He eats so much!

We split up and the boys went to HEB while Madelyn and I went to Target and to Kohls.  When Madelyn was at my parents' house, she and my Mom went shopping at Kohls and Madelyn saw these rainbow Nike tennis shoes that she decided she wanted for first grade.  She remembered them earlier this week and started asking on Thursday if we could go get them.  I told her we could probably go on the weekend, so we went to Kohls and sure enough, they had them in her size, so we went ahead and got them.  They are really cute!

After nap time, we turned on the robotic vacuum, it's by the brand Eufy, and it's awesome.  The kids are slightly scared of it, which is pretty funny.  There was a whole basket of toys on the floor in the living room, so instead of putting the toys in their basket, the kids put them on the ottoman so that the vacuum couldn't get them.  And Bennett got up there too.  :)

Watching the vacuum to make sure it doesn't get him.

We headed up to Cane's in Kingwood for dinner with the Cox's... because you know, we're so fancy.  #not #fourkidsunderseven  ;)  After Cane's we grabbed some ice cream at Sub Zero and then headed to the Cox's house for a little while, because Bennett was dying to go to their house for some reason.  We think he just likes that they have a ton of boy toys that he doesn't have.  We lasted about 45 minutes before we had to head home - Andrew and Christopher don't love when Bennett makes a mess of their toys, and I can't really blame him.  We don't call him Bennett the Destroyer for nothing!

When we got home a little after 7:00, it was time for a bath and shower, so while I was giving Bennett a bath, Madelyn decided she needed to "work out".  (I think she was inspired by her new shoes).  Well, when Bennett found out that Madelyn was working out, he HAD to join in, but he didn't want to work out in his pajamas, so he put his dirty workout clothes he had worn that day back on and went to work out with Sissy.  

Working on his froggy jumps.  He's pretty good.  :)

His hair is wet from the bath.  Hopefully.

Racing to see who is the fastest.

We finally got the kids to bed and Aaron and I watched our respective shows and went to bed.  :)

After church on Sunday, we headed to Jason's Deli for lunch with Aaron's parents and Abuela.  Every time we go, which is pretty much every week, Bennett has to go play on these soldiers outside of On the Park next door.  Each time, I'm just so afraid he's going to be the kid who knocks them over and breaks them.  Those things must be pretty sturdy! 

After nap time, Aaron cleaned the outside of the windows...with a couple of helpers.  ;)

Taking the screens off...

Scrubbing those windows!

The kids helped/played in the water for a little while, but Aaron sent them back in when Bennett sprayed a window that Aaron had just cleaned.  #oops  So they played upstairs, watched movies and did some more workouts.  They also had a dance party. On the couch.  Even though they're not supposed to be walking on the furniture. 

They were singing the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse theme song while dancing.  It was really cute and I loved watching them play together. :)

Whew, it was a good weekend, but not without tantrums and attitudes.  ;)  We need to work on speaking respectfully to each other.  Haha Now, off to another week!

Sunday, July 16, 2017

April 2017

April - Here is a quick summary of April, except for Easter which I'll do in separate posts :)

April 7 - Ice cream after dinner at Manuel's and then a trip to the playground at Madelyn's school

April 8 - Kate's Birthday Party at Sweet & Sassy

Madelyn and Kate ready to get dolled up!

Penny & Madelyn

We both had fancy hair! ;)

We had a new shower door installed in our master bathroom!  This frame less door is so much more modern than our old one.

April 13 - Madelyn's Spring Party at school - they hunted Easter eggs, yet it was a "Spring" party.  Eye roll.  

After her party, we headed home to get ready to leave for DFW for Easter.  We dropped Fred off at the vet.  He enjoyed riding in the back of the Explorer. :)

And then we made it just in time to Bennett's egg hunt at Primrose.  This kid dominated.  He picked up so many eggs, and we had to tell him to stop and leave some for the other kids.  

April 20 - Madelyn picked out some new Frozen themed sandwich containers and couldn't wait to use them, so she hand washed them herself.  :)

April 22 - Samantha and her Mom were signed up for the Diva 5K in Galveston the next morning, but her Mom ended up not being able to make it, so I took her place.  Samantha and I headed down to Galveston on Saturday evening and made sure to carb-load at Nonno Tony's for dinner.  #alsowine

April 23 - Ready to run our 5K - it was like 44 degrees when it would normally be 60 something.  Gah, and we didn't bring jackets.  Thank goodness we at least had capris on, but we were FREEZING waiting for it to start.  I got like 4,000 Fitbit steps from jumping around in place to try to stay warm.  :)

We did it!  They give you these medals, plastic crowns and itchy pink boas before you cross the finish line!  We headed out for coffee, then showers, then brunch before heading back home.

April 28 - SWE Bingo & Auction Night at Madelyn's school.  We enjoyed some sno-cones from the Kona Ice truck, bid on some auction items (we won a gift card to the place where the kids take swim lessons!) and saw lots of Madelyn's friends.

April 30 - Jason's Deli after church and visiting the toy soldier at the toy store next to Jason's  :)

Girls Trip to Chicago

On May 6 Samantha and I set out for a girls trip to Chicago!

We picked Chicago because we both hadn't really "done" Chicago.  She hadn't been in forever, and I had only been once on a mission trip in junior high (shout out to FBCE & Broken Ground!) so we thought it would be a fun place to go!  We also wanted to go somewhere that we didn't have to rent a car, and Chicago ended up being a great choice.

May 6 - We were at the airport bright and early for a 7:00 a.m. flight.  

A little sleepy, but ready to take off!

When we landed, we took the train into downtown and only had to walk one block to our hotel.  We left our bags, and then headed to lunch.  We had to get our Chicago deep dish fix at Pizzeria Due near our hotel.


After putting on warmer jackets - because the temperature was in the 40's! and hello, it's the Windy City, we took the train out to Oak Park to visit Samantha's uncle and cousins.  After visiting with them, we walked around the Frank Lloyd Wright houses that were just a few blocks away.  

The houses were gorgeous!  I'll spare you multiple pictures of them, but here is Wright's old house that is now a museum.

On our way back to the train, we decided to eat an early dinner of appetizers at a restaurant called Cucina Paradiso, that Samantha's cousin recommended.  We had meatballs, brussels sprouts...

and then dessert!

We took the train back into downtown, and saw the famous Chicago sign when we were transferring to another train.  And look what is right next door... my favorite place, Chick fil A!  :)  No, we did not eat CFA while we were in Chicago, but it sure did look crowded!

We finally checked into our hotel room, unpacked, put on our comfy clothes and watched some tv and went to sleep.

May 7 - On Sunday morning we were up bright and early for brunch at Bridge house Tavern, which is right on the Chicago River.  

Y'all, these were the best beignets I've ever had.  And I've been to Cafe DuMonde.  #sorrynotsorry  The homemade whipped cream and whisky glaze...OMG.  

Enjoying my mimosa and the gorgeous weather!

The Chicago River!

We had two different benedicts.... and we should have just split one.  :) They were so big, but delicious!  I highly recommend Bridge House!

We needed to do some walking to get un-stuffed.  So we decided to head to see "The Bean".  Here it is, we didn't really get what all the hype was about...but later on, I read something that said if you're on the other side of the bean from where we stood, you can get an awesome picture of the Chicago skyline if you point your camera at the Bean.  We apparently missed out.  #ohwell

Right next to The Bean, is the Art Institute of Chicago... this place is MASSIVE.  We aren't huge art buffs, so we didn't plan to look at the whole place, but luckily they have a list of 20 pieces of art not to miss.  So we saw the 20 on the list and called it a successful cultural visit.  ;)

The flowers on Michigan Avenue were incredible!  It was so gorgeous!

We happened to walk right by a Shake Shack on our way back to the hotel, so naturally, we stopped for shakes and cheese fries.  #sustenance

I'm pretty sure we hit up Nordstrom at this point.  Our hotel just happened to be directly across the street from Nordstrom.  When I booked the hotel, I had no idea, but our husbands didn't believe that story.  :)

After our shopping, we needed a rest, so we relaxed at the hotel for a while.  

We headed to 360 Chicago in the John Hancock building for happy hour and a great view of Chicago!

Lake Michigan

I LOVE skylines and big cities!  Just so much life in them!

Selfie in front of the skyline

We grabbed dinner at Side Door on our way back to the hotel.  

This dish below was listed on the menu as "avocado mash".  Being Texans, we were super curious, and sure enough, it was guacamole.  :)  Served with pita bread, which wasn't too bad.  

May 8 - We ate breakfast at our hotel and then walked over to Navy Pier in order to get on the boat for the Chicago Architecture River Tour we were taking.  

It was another gorgeous day in Chicago, and the tour was very interesting.

Chicago has such a variety of architectural styles, and apparently that is because, after the Great Chicago Fire in 1871, all of these famous architects came to Chicago to help rebuild the city.  Fascinating!

Gorgeous buildings - the one with the spire in the middle is Trump Tower.  The guide described the building but didn't mention one word about the fact that it says "TRUMP" on it.

After the River Tour, we ate lunch at DMK Burgers at Navy Pier.  Neither of us got a burger though, haha!

Selfie at Navy Pier!

We hopped on the train and headed out to see Wrigley Field after we left Navy Pier.  

We had just intended to look around, but then we saw that they had tours and figured we would go ahead and go on one.  It ended up being really neat, and because the Cubs were out of town that day, we got to go in their locker room, and dugout!

View of Chicago from the top of Wrigley Field

On the field!  Wrigley Field is definitely all about nostalgia and history and not about a big fancy stadium, which I appreciate.  

Sitting in the Cubs dugout!

It really was a neat experience, and I am so glad we decided to do it!  We took the train back to our hotel, and we relaxed for a little while before we headed to dinner at...

Eeek!  I love Giuliana Rancic and was REALLY hoping to see her there!  But, alas, she was on one of her many vacations. :)  Dinner was very good!  We had the Zucchini Fritti to start - delicious;  I had the Maine Lobster Ravioli - very good, small portion though; Samantha had the Chicken Parmesean - wow, it was amazing, the best I've had; We had the pistachio gelato and Bill's Chocolate Budino for dessert - the gelato was amazing, but the Budino was a little too salty.  Overall, very good food and service as well!

Stuffed selfie!

May 9 - It was in the high 40's and raining on Tuesday morning, and since we had seen almost everything on the Chicago "must do" list, we decided to go get mani/pedi's.  Nothing like nice nails to get back to reality the next day.  ;)  After nails, we walked to Portillo's for an authentic Chicago lunch of Italian Beef sandwiches, hot dogs and cheese fries.

The pickle on the hot dog seemed strange at first, but I actually really enjoyed it!  Samantha's Italian Beef Sandwich was also very good, and the cheese dip with the fries was a winner as well.  

Our last stop before making our way to the airport was Garrett Popcorn.  Their famous combo of cheese and caramel popcorn was yummy!  

We were off to the airport for our late afternoon flight back to Houston.  Another great girls trip in the books!  We literally started planning our next one while we were there!  ;)