Friday, October 13, 2017

Weekend Wrap-Up - September 16

I don't have anything written on my calendar for Friday of this weekend, so I'm guessing we stayed home and didn't do anything after work and school.  :)

Saturday meant Aggie Game Day!  We all got dressed in our maroon and headed to the Bruce's house to watch the Aggies!

I have no idea why Bennett wouldn't stand up, but this is the pose we got.  Who knows?  Haha

So Madelyn agreed to sit down with him.

Selfie with my big girl!

Whitney & me - we've been watching Aggie games together for over a decade now!  Wow!  

And our cute little Aggie kids... Cooper must have been napping.

Madelyn, Bennett, Ellie & Kirby - Thanks for having us over, Bruce's!

The Aggies won (thank goodness) and we headed home after the game was over.  Madelyn and I did some shopping for some fall clothes for her, and then we stayed home for dinner.

On Sunday, a very nice friend offered to take our picture outside of church that morning... we are so coordinated!

We had lunch at Jason's Deli, and then took our old smaller play set over to the Rodriguez's for Zach to play with!

Weekend Wrap-Up - September 9

Finally back into a routine since school started on Thursday!  We just stayed home on Friday night and just hung out.  I think Aaron mowed the yard, and I had someone come detail my car... it desperately needed it.  

On Saturday morning, Aaron headed to a Hunter's Safety Course, but not before he stopped by Dunkin' Donuts to get us breakfast!  My first pumpkin donut of the season!  Yum!  I'm not a crazy pumpkin person, but these donuts are so good!

The kids and I went to HEB and then headed to the park after lunch.  Gotta get that energy out!  We went to the park in our neighborhood.

I ran to Target (by myself!!) after Aaron got home from his course, and then we had the Cox's over for dinner and to watch the A&M game.  I neglected to take any pictures, but we had a good time, and I don't recall too much fighting.  ;)

On Sunday, Aaron and the kids headed to church, while I went to the Texans game with Lindsay!  We were in a suite, and the cheerleaders go around and visit the suites... nothing to make you feel good after snacking on junk food, and then the cheerleaders come in!  Ha!

And lookie... who was in the suite next to us, none other than Senator Ted Cruz!  He was there with his wife and they were in the Goldman Sachs suite.  #everyonecanbebought  :)  

The Texans lost the game, and played pretty badly, and many fans booed the team, which I just think is tacky, so yeah, that part wasn't so fun, but Lindsay and I had a great time hanging out and enjoying the suite life!  ;)

The rest of Sunday was spent getting ready for the week!

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Weekend Wrap-Up - August 19

On Friday morning Aaron and Madelyn headed to Harper to hang out with Andrew, Meg and the kids for the weekend on a little daddy/daughter trip!  

There isn't much else to do in Texas in the summer but cool off in some water!

They did a little driving... Logan doesn't look too sure of the girls' driving.  ;)

Swinging in the hammock...

Meanwhile, back at home, this is what our weather station showed when I got home from work on Friday... 120 degree heat index!  Holy hotness!  Ugh, it is just so unbearable...

So Bennett and I went to CFA for dinner and ice cream, and he got to play on the indoor playground.  I nixed a trip to the park.  #toohot

On Saturday morning we went to HEB super early, because Bennett was up at 6:30 and that was the first thing he asked to do.  Then we headed to the Zoo!  It was stinking hot, and we normally avoid the zoo in the summer, but I knew he would like it, and I needed to wear him out somehow!

The Zoo had these cool Lego displays throughout... Bennett loved this one

We rode the carousel of course.

And for the first time ever, we played at the zoo splash pad!  He loved it, but really only lasted about 15 minutes and he decided he wanted to go eat lunch and ride the train.  Several things he said that I want to remember... He kept saying he wanted to see the chameleon for some reason, he asked if he could swim with the elephants in their new pool, he asked if he could feed the crocodile (which we didn't even see) and he kept saying it was a "fantastic day".  :)  He was so sweet, and just so excited and happy about everything we were doing.

Now a ride on the train before heading home...

Even though once we were done with the train, he said, "We didn't feed the giraffes, we didn't see the gorillas."  I had asked him several times if he wanted to see those animals but he said no.  Silly 3 year olds...

We got home a little after noon, and watched some tv before taking a nap.  Even after all of that activity, it took him an hour to go to sleep.  And then of course, I had to wake him up at 4:00... so that we could head to the pool!  I was just trying to wear him out as much as possible.  :)

Having a goldfish snack break, thus the funny face.  

And then some dinner antics... yes, I know, a terrible choking hazard...especially since I read an article about a toddler who choked on some grapes and died this weekend!  I mean, that is just tragic.  No more playing with grapes for Bennett. 

Anyways... even after all of the activity, Bennett didn't go to sleep until 9:20, and I wasn't far behind him.  He wore me out on Saturday!

On Sunday morning, I worked out while he played with my phone, and then he destroyed the playroom while I was in the shower, because, of course he did.  We headed to church and then Jason's Deli for lunch.

And then, he somehow convinced me to go to the toy store, On the Park, that is right next door to Jason's.  He said he wanted to get blocks, which is what Aaron and I were hoping that he would have picked for his birthday, but he picked out the doctor set instead, so I agreed to get the blocks.

He loves the play area they have in the back.

We got the blocks!  He is making this face because the box was so heavy!  Haha However, darn you, Melissa and Doug, you've let me down for the first time... I thought that this box was full of blocks... not flat pieces of cardboard that I had to fold into blocks which would no longer fit inside said box.  Y'all.  I would NOT have bought these if I had known that.  (insert eye rolling emoji) I had to put them all together, and now I have to find a place to put them, because, hello, these blocks don't fit in the box any more.  I detest when toys don't have a "home".  I found an empty Rubbermaid container to put them in for now, but the lid won't fit on it...  Oh well, first world problem for sure, and I'm glad he is playing with something that is not electronic!

When we got home, it was technically nap time, but he told me he was "too busy for nap time" and that he is also "too big for nap time".  :)  He told me that he would take a nap with me on the couch, but we ended up just watching three of his favorite shows instead.  Oh well.  

Aaron and Madelyn got home around 4:15, and we were all happy to see each other.  Bennett was upstairs when they got home, and he heard them and came to the top of the stairs and said "Madelyn!"  It was so cute, because he hardly ever calls her Madelyn, he normally just calls her Sissy. :)  We ate dinner and got ready for the last week of "summer"!  Madelyn starts 1st grade next Monday!

Friday, August 18, 2017

October 2016

October 1 

Bennett just looking cute eating his breakfast with Fred waiting for some droppings.  ;)

October 7

We went to DFW for the weekend to celebrate my birthday and meet our niece/cousin, Elle!  Y'all, I didn't even get a picture of all of us meeting her!  Grr, I can't believe I was that forgetful about taking pictures... for some reason, those car wrecks threw me off.  :\

Madelyn had fun riding the big wheel!

October 8

Happy Birthday to me!

These pictures are so funny, for some reason, Tigger (my parents' cat) was really interested in Aaron and his phone.

Y'all, I didn't take any pictures between my birthday and October 28 except for when Aaron and I were in San Francisco!  Gah!!

October 28

Headed to the Primrose fall festival... she just wanted to wear this and not a costume.  :)  I was the same way as a kid.

October 29

Donuts on Saturday morning!

We headed to the Huebner's house for dinner and to hang out that evening.  I only got a couple pictures of all of the kids... I think it was Russell, pulled them around on a blanket.  They loved it!  But definitely tiring pulling 6 kids around!

October 30

Sunday lunch at Tin Roof... Bennett climbed to the very top of the playground that says "Age 5 and up" and so he couldn't get down.  Aaron had to climb up there in his church clothes to get him.  :)

That afternoon we headed to our church's fall festival.  Once again, no one wanted to wear costumes, oh well. 

Madelyn & Kate

She wanted to pose with the pumpkins  :)

The festival was fun, but it was HOT.  We only stayed for an hour or so, because Aaron's parents were coming over for dinner to celebrate Conchita's birthday!

Happy Birthday Abuelita!

Bennett LOVES blowing out candles, so he helped her.  :)

October 31

Costume parade at Primrose!  Bennett wore his fireman costume, and he was so cute!

It was a Monday, so Madelyn had dance... poor thing was wiped out and fell asleep on the way to dance!  Too much fun this weekend!

We got home from dance, ate dinner, and she was able to rally so that we could go trick or treating!  This was the first year we really did trick or treating in our neighborhood where both kids participated and enjoyed it!  They had so much fun, and got tons of candy!  It was a successful night! 

Rest of March 2017

Saturday March 25

We did a rare thing and went to the Zoo after nap time.  We arrived around 5:00 and it was still pretty crowded, but a lot of people were leaving at that point, so it wasn't too bad.  We probably stayed an hour or so, and we have season passes so it wasn't a waste.  :)

Stroller riding...

Hanging out with the monkeys...

Sitting on a frog...

Then we headed to Little Big's for dinner for some sliders, fries and shakes!  Yummy!  It was a really fun evening as a family!

Sunday March 26

Bennett wouldn't pose with Madelyn for a picture at church, so she posed alone.  Dressed herself as usual.  ;)

March 29

Someone got up extra early, so I had a helper while getting ready in the morning. :)

March 30

Pretty in pink at the park!