Thursday, January 18, 2018

Houston Snow/Ice Days 2018

Several days ago, they started forecasting for ice/snow for Houston on Tuesday, so on Monday night, all of the schools started cancelling for Tuesday, as that's when the storm was supposed to hit, so they didn't want kids to get to school and then get stuck there.  Both mine and Aaron's offices also closed that day, so we all slept in and then waited for the bad weather to hit.  

This picture is from 9:42 a.m. and you can see the sleet/ice is starting to gather on my flowers - that I'm pretty sure are all completely dead by now.  

Aaron and the kids had gone to get donuts for breakfast earlier that morning, and he left his car on the driveway so that they could play in the garage if they wanted to, and this is what his car looked like by 12:15!


Went to the backyard to get some pics of the playground.

Quite a bit on there!

Took a picture of the sleet/ice/snow... it was pretty much like salt crystals texture-wise, it wouldn't stick at all.

The kids did go outside for a little while, but mostly they did this for two days.... I know, we look like bad parents, but Aaron had to take some calls, and I had a couple things to do for work, and we just wanted some peace and quiet.  Not gonna lie...

Most of the bridges and freeways were iced over, so they cancelled school again for Wednesday, and most offices ended up closing as well.  The authorities were practically begging people to stay home and off the roads.  Let's be honest, we don't know how to drive in ice, and Houston just doesn't have enough trucks to get the roads cleared up quickly.

Wednesday morning was supposed to be as cold as it would get... woke up to the temperature being 20 degrees and feeling like 10.  So crazy and so cold!  Also, I love our weather station. :)

I spent part of the day on Tuesday and Wednesday cleaning out our coat closet, and getting rid of things.  I swear that I can always find a bag of stuff to take to Goodwill.  Haha  #toomuchjunk

This was actually from Tuesday night, but look at that traffic map!  What a mess.

Thankfully, the sun came out on Wednesday afternoon and the temperature rose above freezing, so the ice started to melt.  We all headed back to work and school on Thursday for the rest of the short week!  It's so crazy to have had snow in December and then this ice/snow event in January in Houston!

Monday, January 15, 2018

Weekend Wrap - Up - January 13

Friday was our 10th Anniversary!  Aaron beat me home from work, and I came home to these beautiful flowers!  Hot pink roses, just like my wedding bouquet.  :)  

We are celebrating this upcoming weekend, but since I refuse to cook on our anniversary and it was a Friday night, we went to Chick-fil-A.  :)  Because, where else would we go?? 

Aaron and I were trying to take some selfies, and the kids jumped in with us.  ;)

10 Years!

And then each kid wanted to take their own selfies! So funny!  :)

On Saturday morning we hit up Home Depot and HEB, and then came home to organize the garage, do laundry and meal prep for the week.  Bennett was able to fit in some scooter time.  He is getting really fast!

The temperature was probably in the high 30's/low 40's, and this kid is wearing shorts and a t-shirt.  

Madelyn received a Shopkins Cookbook from Andrew and Meg for Christmas, and she has been eager to make one of the recipes.  Most of them looked pretty complicated, so luckily, I was able to steer her toward dirt cups.  :)  

Pounding out the Oreos...

Finished product!  Four "dirt and worms" cups for her and Bennett! 

The hardest part of it was keeping Bennett from licking the pudding spoon so much.  Haha  

We headed over to the Rodriguez's for dinner on Saturday night.  Picture with Lindz... forgot to take pictures of the kids and husbands.  

Thank you Snapchat filter for smoothing out my wrinkles... Haha  ;)

It was 38 degrees when we left for church on Sunday morning, so needless to say, the kids didn't want to take a picture outside again.  Also, once again, Bennett is wearing short sleeves!!  We had his jacket with us, but he didn't want it!  Y'all, I can only imagine the looks people give us when they see a child without a jacket on in 30 degree weather.  

After church we had lunch at Jason's with Aaron's mom and Abuela, and then I went to the Cox's house because Samantha and I were going to watch an Aurora Teagarden movie, but the wrong one got recorded, so we just talked for a little while and then I went home.  

Aaron and the kids were at the park, but they came home pretty quickly after I did.  Madelyn got to play Osmo with her iPad, and Bennett and I played outside and with his Paw Patrol toys while Aaron made dinner.  

Madelyn is off school today, so Aaron took the day off to hang out with her, so she wouldn't have to go to Primrose.  It was a good weekend, and we are looking forward to celebrating our anniversary this upcoming weekend!

Friday, January 12, 2018

10 Years

I wanted to do a post for our 10th wedding anniversary today, so I wrote a short blurb about what all we have done in the past 10 years.  

In 10 Years we have lived in 1 apartment, 2 houses, each worked for 2 different companies, had 2 kids, got 2 dogs (may Sammie RIP), obtained 1 Professional Engineer License and 1 Master's Degree in Engineering -I'll let you guess which one of us that was -, lived through 2 hurricanes, joined a church, bought 3 cars, gone on 14 vacations, driven to DFW 37 times, made lots of new friends, and stayed in touch with college friends.

Since our anniversary is so close to Christmas and then Aaron's birthday is in February, we don't give gifts to each other.  Instead we just go out to a really nice dinner, and sometimes stay in a hotel too! 

Wedding January 12, 2008

2009 - 1st Anniversary - Dinner at Mark's American Cuisine

2010 - 2nd Anniversary - Dinner at Vic & Anthony's

2011 - 3rd Anniversary - Dinner at The Capitol Grille

2012 - 4th Anniversary - Dinner at The Grove and stayed at Hilton Americas

2013 - 5th Anniversary - Dinner at Eddie V's

2014 - 6th Anniversary - Dinner at home - about to move into our new house

2015 - 7th Anniversary - Dinner at Tony Mandola's (in February and forgot a picture - and I had to go all the way to April to find a picture of just the two of us!)

2016 - Dinner at Pappa's Bros. Steakhouse

2017 - 9th Anniversary - Dinner at Ruth's Chris Steakhouse and stayed at the Four Seasons

2018 - 10th Anniversary - Dinner at Pappa's Bros. Steakhouse 

*picture to come*  

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Ladwig Christmas 2017

On December 30, we headed over to Aaron's parents' house to celebrate Christmas with the Ladwig side of the family!  We met for lunch at Wings N More - so yummy!  and then headed back to open presents!  We forced the kids to take pictures before presents.  haha

Pretty good shot of all of us!  It's a miracle!

Stocking time!  They just dug in!

Sticky hand!

Bennett opening his tent from Andrew, Meg and the kids.  He has slept in that thing for a week and a half straight! :)

We attempted some outside pictures, but yeah, the boys weren't having it...

Conchita might have gotten a better one, and if she does, then I'll update with it.  :)

Those were all of the pictures that I took, but if I get more, then I will add them! We enjoyed a yummy Puerto Rican dinner and then headed home.  We all had a fun time with the Ladwig side of the family!

Monday, January 8, 2018

Weekend Wrap-Up - January 6

Starting this weekend wrap up off on Wednesday... when it was 26 degrees. In Houston.  Y'all, that is so stinking cold for us, and it felt like 18!!  It was quite the bitter cold week in Houston!

Friday was back to a regular old work and school day (loved all of those Fridays off in December! :)).  I picked the kids up and we went home for snacks and dinner before we headed to HEB to do our weekly shopping!

Bennett had goldfish and yogurt for a snack... mixed together... yuck.

On Saturday morning, we were out the door early to head to Cooper's 1st Birthday party!

Madelyn and Ellie had fun with the mermaid snuggies.  :)

Happy 1st Birthday Cooper!

Whitney (my incredibly creative friend) made this cute poster board for pictures... the theme was Wild "ONE", so it was a lion.  So cute!


Look, I even joined in the fun.  ;)

Bennett makes the funniest faces

This is him saying "ROAR!"


Even Aaron did one... (Whitney took this picture, which is probably how it's supposed to look) haha

And Bennett again for good measure... ROAR!

We grabbed some Chick-fil-A for lunch after the party and came home.  I did laundry and food prep, while Aaron and the kids went fishing.  

They didn't catch anything, but still had a great time!

And Bennett... no words kid, no words... :)

We had steaks for dinner - Madelyn loves steak and will actually eat almost a whole filet!  (Those little packaged ones - we're not buying her Filet Mignon!)  ;) 

Bennett was in a mood on Sunday morning - he wanted to go to school instead of church - no idea why - so he just stripped his pajamas and pull-up off and lay on the couch like this.  In all his glory.  And people wonder why I want a new couch?!  This is literally how he was laying down when Aaron and I came out to find him after Madelyn alerted us to his "status".  #neveradullmoment

We managed to get clothes on him with the promise of Jason's Deli ice cream after church (not a special treat, because we have it every week, but whatever works).

They deemed it too cold to take a picture outside before church, so we settled for one inside.  It was almost 60 degrees.  I'm sure glad the real cold is gone!

After church we went to Jason's, got a car wash on the way home, and then went home for nap (for Aaron) and iPad (kids) and iPhone (me) time.  The kids and I played outside and exercised while Aaron used his new meat grinder  - I wanted no part of that!  I also cleaned off all of the shoes from the pile in the garage, and subsequently ordered a shoe rack from Amazon, and also cleaned off/threw away their back porch toys.  January 7 and we're already ready for spring!  :)