Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Weekend Wrap-Up - April 21

Starting this weekend wrap-up on Wednesday, haha.  ;)  Madelyn's school had "bring your parent to P.E. week", last week, and Aaron was able to go on Wednesday and participate in Madelyn's P.E. class with her. She was so excited to have him there, and Aaron wishes he had P.E. at work every day!  Ha!

Moving on to the weekend... on Friday I met up with Whitney and Michelle for a girl's night on Friday night. We went to see Amy Schumer's movie, I feel Pretty.  It was entertaining, but mostly I enjoyed the junk food.  Haha

Whitney and me waiting for Michelle

All three of us waiting for the movie to start!

Meanwhile, Aaron took the kids to play at the arcade at the movie theater by our house.  He said his Dad used to take him and Andrew to an arcade when their Mom would be out when they were kids, so he took Bennett and Madelyn.  So cute!

He looks so cute on this motorcycle!  Although, I don't actually want him to ride one in real life!  ;)

Their prizes!

Let's see, on Saturday morning Aaron and Bennett tried to go to the park but it started raining.  Seriously, why does it rain EVERY single Saturday?!?  Madelyn and I picked up the groceries from HEB, and then Aaron and the kids went to Home Depot to get sand to make a sand box with the area under the playground.

Bennett thought pink princess heels might be appropriate on Saturday morning.  :)

After the rain cleared out, they got the sand put down and the kids got to work playing!

The Cox's came over for dinner that night, but I neglected to take any pictures...partly because neither Samantha nor I had makeup on, and partly because I just forgot.

On Sunday we went to church and then had lunch with Aaron's parents at Jason's.  The weather was really nice on Sunday, so we spent most of the afternoon outside playing and exercising.  :)  I didn't take a single picture on Sunday.  #badblogger  Not many plans for the weekend, but it was a pretty good one!  Off to another week!

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Weekend Wrap-Up - April 14

We had a pretty low key weekend with not many plans.  On Friday afternoon, Bennett had some graham crackers and chocolate hummus for a snack.  He was just so cute eating it that I had to take his picture.  :)

Meanwhile, this one spent most of the afternoon and evening creating her own "habitat" for her beanie boos (is that what they're called??).  She made this all by herself, including the cutting, gluing and taping.  She didn't even tell us what she was making until it was complete and she showed it to us.  We were so impressed!  She definitely has the crafty gene that neither Aaron nor I have!

On Saturday morning, we headed to Target for one of Bennett's best friend's birthday party.  Yes, at Target.  It was really cute!  They roped off most of the food court area, and set up there.

Logan's mom came up with a treasure map for the kids to follow around Target.  

Off on hunt...

They ended up at the dollar section where each child got to pick out an item for their party favor! I thought that was genius!

Bennett, Madelyn and one of Madelyn's friends who has a brother in Bennett's class as well.

It was cold and rainy in the morning, but the sun came out that afternoon so we enjoyed some outside time after dinner.  And look!  Our first flower of the spring from the plants that almost froze in January!  I'm so happy that some of the flowers made it.  :)

A little scooter riding competition...

with some hurdling over the cones as well.

I think it was about 44 degrees on Sunday morning, so this is what the kids looked like for church.  I mean...I feel like that Gap hoodie is never going away.  It is a size 2t.  Also, neither kid is looking at the camera, but oh well.

We had lunch at Jason's after church. I went to change clothes when we got home and came out to find these two cuddled up in blankets on the couch with Uno cards.  :)  Bennett ended up doing something else, while Madelyn and I played Uno.  

Aaron ironed and mowed the lawn, and the kids and I ran to Dick's to get them some little baseball gloves so that we can play catch in the front yard.  We also tried out the workout equipment.

Aaron smoked a turkey breast for dinner - his first time making one - and it was soooo good!  I absolutely LOVE smoked turkeys, so I am very excited about his new found talent. ;)  Apparently I didn't get pictures of me or Aaron this weekend, but we were indeed around.  

Friday, April 13, 2018

Madelyn's 7th Birthday Party

We had Madelyn's 7th birthday party at our house on Saturday, and rented a (very) large bounce house for it!

This thing was so big that we ended up having to take the slide off of our playground.  You can see just in the left of this picture that it is still on there before Aaron took it off.

They delivered the bounce house around 11:00 or so, and the party wasn't until 5:00, so we had plenty of time to try it out.   The kids were already sweaty before the party started!  I bounced for a little while too, before getting showered and dressed.

Elle even gave it a try before all of the big kids arrived.

Back inside, Bennett working on his sharing with Elle. :)

Mellie with her two youngest grand kids.

The party was emoji themed, and Lindsey made emoji shirts for most of our family!  My Mom had bought Madelyn an emoji birthday shirt already, so she wore that one.  Elle had a unicorn emoji!

Lindsey was also the unicorn emoji, and Quinn chose the fire!

I had already bought this yellow shirt to wear, and Bennett wouldn't wear his shirt that Lindsey made him.  You can see by his face in this picture that he was being really cooperative that day.  #exceptnot  He was having a hard time realizing that it wasn't his birthday party and he still has a ways to go until his birthday.  

Aaron was a good sport and wore the winky-eyed emoji.  (Is that what it's called??)

Me and Lindsey

Me and Quinn - I like pictures with Quinn because I always stand up nice and tall and straight in them. Oh and the fact that he is my brother.  ;)  Ha!

Decorations for the party...

Party time!

We had pizza, a nugget tray, fruits and veggies, and then it was cake time!

The white icing is kind of weird shaped, but the cookie cakes were goo and cheap from HEB.

Madelyn and Kate

Singing Happy Birthday!

Then we did a pinata.  This may be the last time we do a pinata indoors, but we just don't really have a place to do them outside.  

Action shot

Bennett's turn

And Elle got a turn too - as you can she, she was so excited.  :) 

I think the hardest thing about the pinata, is that each kid wants multiple turns and it's hard to do that once it starts to bust open!  

Present time!

After presents, most of us headed back outside to let the kids jump some more.  I was happy to hang out with my girlfriends.  :)

Penny, Samantha and me  

The Ladwigs and Brunks in their emoji shirts!

Madelyn and Kate decided to open a couple of her presents including the fairy garden, and they filmed themselves opening it and putting it together, for an aptly titled YouTube channel "M plus K".  :)  (They don't actually have a YouTube channel)

Didn't get a pic of my kids and their other cousins until the end, and the lighting in our house at night, is just so bad.  :(  All of the Ladwig cousins!

Madelyn and Abuela

Madelyn with Abi and Papa

I didn't get pictures of Andrew and Meg, or Whitney and Tyler, but we are so thankful to everyone who came to celebrate Madelyn's birthday with us!