Thursday, May 31, 2018

Weekend Wrap-Up - Memorial Day Weekend 2018

We started off the weekend with Super Kids Day Madelyn's school on Friday!  (It's their version of field day.)

It was sooo hot!  They played games for about an hour... like stacking cups...

and bouncing races.

Once they were done with their games, Madelyn and I left and headed to grab some Whataburger for lunch.  :)

We then went to Famous Footwear to get her some new tennis shoes, because the velcro wouldn't stay closed on hers.  #parentfail  Then we went to Target and back home to hang out for the rest of the afternoon.  

After Aaron got home, we packed some sandwiches for dinner and headed up to the pool for a couple of hours.  Bennett loves to swim and it is impossible to tear him away from the pool.

On Saturday, we did the usual grocery shopping and laundry, and Madelyn and I got our hair cut, while Aaron and Bennett went back to the pool.

Bennett was goofing around on Saturday afternoon and put on all of my jewelry. :)  He looks kind of like a little thug with no shirt on and lots of gold jewelry.  Haha

The Rodriguez's invited us over for dinner on Saturday evening, so we headed over there for fajitas!

Me and Lindsay enjoyed some Rose in a can! :)

Madelyn likes Lindsay's Snapchat filters. :)

Oh the Sunday morning church picture... I don't know why we can't cooperate??  Also, you'll note that Woof Woof joined us for church.  He apparently needed some Jesus as well. ;) 

We went to Jason's for lunch after church, and then headed home for a little while before going to the Juergen's house for Barrett's 2nd birthday party!

If you see the little blond head standing right in front of Barrett, that is Bennett.  He loves to be right in the thick of things when it's present time.  He will even help you open your presents.  :)

My best girlfriends!  Just missing Samantha who was out of town.  #boo

Penny, me and Lindsay

On Monday morning, I went for a walk and saw so many flags all around our neighborhood, and it was such a great reminder of why we have Memorial Day.  We are so thankful for all of those who have died for the flag and for the freedoms we enjoy because of them.

We hit up the pool with some friends for a few hours and ate lunch there.  Going to the pool with a picnic is our new thing, and we will probably do it a LOT this summer.

Aaron's parents came over for dinner that evening, but I neglected to take any pictures.  It was a great four day weekend, I really feel like I got everything done that I needed to get done, and also had plenty of time to relax with family and friends.  Now off to the short week ahead!

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Weekend Wrap-Up - May 19

On Friday, Aaron and I took the day off, we sent Madelyn to school for a couple of hours in order for her to be counted as "present" for the day, and then we hit the road for DFW!

After we arrived, the kids didn't take long to jump in the pool!  It was so funny to see them balancing on these floats. :)

We just swam and hung out at my parents' house for the rest of Friday.

On Saturday, we headed to Joe T's for lunch!

And look who joined us!  Elle!  Quinn, Lindsey and Elle met us there, and my kids were so excited to see their cousin!

Say cheese!

Aunt Erica rescued Elle from her high chair, and we got her to smile!

After lunch, we all headed back to my parents' house for another afternoon of swimming.  My Mom's cousin Melinda, and my cousin Angela, and her family came over to join us as well.

These are the pictures I got when I tried to take one of the kids.  I mean, what is wrong with my child?? 

I guess this one is slightly better.  Haha

Unfortunately this is the end of the pictures I took... I guess I was having too much fun. :)  It was so good to be with family all day.  

We missed seeing my cousin Allyson and her family, but my Mom and I actually got to have lunch with Allyson and my Aunt Terri on Monday.

On Sunday, Aaron and the kids headed back home - it rained their whole drive and took 5 1/2 hours instead of 4.  Oh, and they had Fred with them.  I stayed in Fort Worth, because I was going to a work conference that week.  On Sunday evening, I had dinner with Allison, but we didn't take any pictures.  Oh well, Aaron and I will see her and Blake at the lake in a few weeks!

My Dad was going to the same conference, so I just stayed at my parents' house and rode to the conference each day with my Dad.  It was just like being in high school again.  :)  I flew home on Wednesday evening, and Aaron and the kids picked me up at the airport.  The kids were so cute and so happy to see me!  Fortunately, I only have to go to the office on Thursday, as my office is closed on Friday!

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Weekend Wrap-Up - Mother's Day Edition

We had quite the busy Mother's Day weekend!  Just like most of our weekends will be for a while.

On Friday, Madelyn's school had "career day", so she dressed like a teacher.  Aren't the glasses too cute??  And she made that name tag herself a few weeks ago.  :)

We headed to Los Cucos for dinner on Friday night... Bennett wouldn't cooperate for the picture.  This was the weekend of eating out...

On Saturday we headed out to Aaron's co-worker's daughter's 1st birthday party at her grandparents' house on Lake Conroe.  (That was a lot of apostrophes in one sentence!)

It took Bennett a while to warm up to everyone and the large dogs that were there, but once he did, you can see he had a great time.

It was a fiesta themed party, and these little hats were hilarious!

They had a pinata of course, and our kids happened to be the oldest ones there, so Madelyn had to be the one to break the pinata. :)

And then she also collected the most candy!

We left the party around 3:30 and headed downtown to the Astros' game!

Both kids napped in the car on the way down there, and were ready for snacks when we got to our seats.  Madelyn got a hot dog, Bennett got popcorn, Aaron got two hot dogs and I got Shake Shack!  It was a long wait for it, but sooo worth it!

We also got ice cream for the kids, and because of that, we made it through 8 1/2 innings of the game!

I don't remember exactly what Bennett was doing here, but this picture is just too cute!

They thought these baseballs outside the stadium were cool and wanted to take their pictures on them.

Sunday was Mother's Day!  The kids slept in after our busy day on Saturday, so I was able to show and get almost completely ready before they woke up.  I came out to presents ready for me to open. :)

Bennett's sweet hand print present. (Please note my hair has only been dried and not curled).

The kids picked out a variety of candy for me, Aaron got me some Kendra Scott earrings and then of course, their sweet homemade gifts and cards. :)  (Don't ask me what is going on with my dress and my knees showing)  :)

We headed to church and then grabbed lunch at Skeeter's.

Back at home for a little while, I tried to take a nap but couldn't fall asleep.  Meanwhile, my Mom sent me these sweet pictures of her and Elle and Quinn from their Mother's Day.

We headed up to The Woodlands to meet up with Aaron's parents and the rest of the Puerto Rican side of the family for Mother's Day dinner at Landry's.

So, it was just a LITTLE windy out there... haha Our hair is looking fabulous.  :)

We headed home and put the kids to bed after our very busy weekend!

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Weekend Wrap-Up - May 5

It is May!  Wow, the first half of this year has flown by, and it seems summer has arrived!

On Friday, I headed out with my girlfriends to celebrate Lindsay's birthday!  I picked her up, and we grabbed a quick picture before we left. :)

We met up at The Union Kitchen and had a delicious dinner and awesome conversation!

Ava, me, Samantha, Lindsay and Penny

Ugh, this picture was really good, but our waitress must have had her finger over the flash or something because the color was really light, so I had to put it in black and white in order to make it good enough to share.

We even hit up a karaoke place after dinner.  For the record, I did not karaoke, but Penny and Ava and Lindsay did a fine job!  ;)

I am honestly not sure what the kids and Aaron did on Friday night.  Haha

On Saturday morning, Aaron and Bennett picked up the groceries and then we headed out to run some errands.

First, we voted for a school district bond.

Then we hit up Chuy's to celebrate Cindo de Mayo!  The kids loved this picture opportunity.  Haha

Enjoying our drinks

Bennett was so adorable and wanted to "cheers" with Aaron for this pictures.  :)

And then he put his arm around Aaron like they were buddies.  :)  I mean, be still my heart.  Too adorable.

After Chuy's, we went to Target and then home for a while.  We headed out to get frozen yogurt at 5:00, because, why not??  We were still full from lunch, so we pretty much just had ice cream for dinner.  (Well, Aaron grabbed a burger from Five Guys while we ate ice cream).  

This was the best picture I could get.  Madelyn has marshmallow cream all over her mouth, haha.

Oh Sunday mornings... here is the picture I got... I mean, would it kill him to cooperate and smile??

After church, we had lunch at Jason's with Aaron's parents and Abuela.

The kids did some painting on Sunday afternoon.

Madelyn made a 4th of July banner.  You can never be too prepared!

Then we went on a family run/scooter ride.  And it was HOT on our way back home.  Aaron and Bennett stayed at the park for a while, but Madelyn and I headed home, and the sun was beating down on us.  Yeesh, we were red after that!  And thus begins six months of misery.  

Off to another week!  Four more weeks of school for Madelyn and then it's summer and we have several trips coming up!