Thursday, February 7, 2019

Weekend Wrap-Up - February 2

On Friday night we grabbed MOD Pizza for dinner and then went to Menchie's for dessert!

The kids were commenting that it was "cold" outside while they were eating their ice cream... it was probably close to 70 degrees outside.  Haha

This is how Aaron chose to be in the picture - just like the kids.  :)

On Saturday morning, we just did the usual stuff around the house, and then Madelyn and I went to get haircuts and went to Target.  She wouldn't take her hair down from her ponytail to show off her hair cut (trim).

We just hung around the house for the rest of Saturday and cooked dinner at home, since this is one of only a few weekends the next couple of months that we are actually home!

Sunday morning smiles. :)

We met Aaron's parents and Abuela at Smashburger for lunch, and Kate came home with us to play for the afternoon!  I spent the afternoon getting ready for our Super Bowl party!  The girls did help some. :)

Nothing too exciting, just a few decorations...

Kids table

My tribe - me, Lindsay, Samantha and Penny

Penny was wearing Barrett's hat and it looked so funny and too small for her!  :)

These were legitimately the only pictures I have from the party, Samantha's parents Frank and Sammie, and our Bible study leader Denise and her husband Mark, also joined us.  We all ate, and ate and ate some more... so many dips that including cheese.  We didn't even watch much of the game, and apparently we didn't miss much.  Haha But we had a great time with all of our friends!

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Weekend Wrap-Up - January 26

On Friday we met up with Aaron's parents, Uncle Kurt, Aunt Kathy, his cousin Jill, her husband Ryan and baby Finn!  We were so excited to meet baby Finn!  He is a doll baby and so good - he was better behaved than our kids, ha!

Madelyn loved getting to hold baby Finn. :)

 After lunch on Saturday, Madelyn and I ran to Target and Party City.  We are hosting our annual Super Bowl party on Sunday, so we needed to get some supplies!  This girl loves a party!

Madelyn made a small skillet cookie on Saturday afternoon.  She had gotten it from my Mom at Christmas, it came with it's own adorable mini cast iron skillet!  

She baked the cookie and then grabbed ALL of the icings and sprinkles we had and put them on. ;)  What a colorful and yummy cookie!

Bennett had a play date with his friend Logan on Saturday afternoon, and the Rodriguez's came over for dinner on Saturday, but I didn't take any pictures. The kids had fun playing with Zach as usual.   :)

Sunday morning church picture - Madelyn picked out this new outfit for herself at Target on Saturday.  I think it looks great!

We went to Potbelly for lunch after church for lunch, because Aaron's parents couldn't meet us due to a freeway closure.  Sunday was a gorgeous day, so we got some exercise in, and then we had an end of an era at the Ladwig household... we said goodbye to our rocking chair.  We've had it for almost 8 years, and while obviously Bennett hasn't needed to be rocked for quite a while, he would still occasionally ask us to rock him at bedtime until a few months ago, and he told us this week that we could get rid of it.  So we put it out and gave it away on Sunday.  He's squatting down like that because I told him not to be in the picture that I put on Facebook to give it away.  Haha  :)  

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Weekend Wrap-Up - January 19

On Friday afternoon Madelyn and I headed up to DFW for the weekend so that we could go to my cousin Ashley's wedding shower on Sunday.

I didn't take any pictures on Friday, but my Mom cooked dinner for us and we just hung around their house for the evening.

A cold front blew in on Friday night and it was 26 degrees when we woke up on Saturday morning.  Brrr!  We bundled up and headed out to Southlake to do some shopping.  We went to three or four stores and then went to eat BBQ for lunch.

Quinn and Elle came over after lunch, and these cousins had fun playing together!

Sharing her Shopkins color pages with Elle.

My Mom's cousin, Melinda came over for dinner on Saturday night and Quinn and my Dad cooked steaks for us.

On Sunday morning Madelyn and I headed to Target, as I hadn't been in several weeks and I needed multiple things!

After getting all dressed up, we headed to Ashley's wedding shower in Fort Worth!

These cousins had fun hanging out, playing with their squishies and helping Ashley with presents.

The Anderson family women - Melinda, me, Ashley, Allyson (who is squatting down, haha), Aunt Terri, Lindsey, Elle, Melanie and Angela... Madelyn, Elizabeth and Scarlett in the front :)

I met up with my BFF Allison for dinner on Sunday night, but neglected to take a selfie.  Haha  :)

I had a work meeting in Fort Worth on Monday morning, and Madelyn was off from school for the MLK Jr. holiday, so we didn't have to head back to Houston until Monday.  Elle had spent the night at my parents' house on Sunday night, so we had to say goodbye to her too.  

Cute cousin love  :)

Meanwhile.. back in Houston, the boys stayed busy as well.  They had hair cuts on Friday evening,  and then they went to the Children's Museum on Saturday.  It was probably 48 degrees and Bennett still wanted to play outside at the water features...

... and he proceeded to get soaked.  Of course.  Luckily they went home after that to get dry and warm.  :)

On Sunday they went to church and then went to the zoo!  I mean, are they handsome or what??

Checking out the flamingos

Carousel ride

The lion was staring right at them!  Aaron said the animals were all very active since it was nice and cool outside.

Serious face selfie

So funny!

Monday morning...snuggling with Fred and he served himself cheddar bunnies for breakfast. :)

Friday, January 18, 2019

Weekend Wrap-Up - January 12 - Anniversary Edition

I had a work dinner on Friday night in College Station, and then one in New Braunfels on Saturday night, so since it was our anniversary on Saturday, we decided to make a weekend out of it!

We dropped the kids off at Aaron's parents' house on Friday and headed to College Station.  We had just enough time to drop our stuff off at the hotel and change before heading to dinner.

A little selfie before dinner.

On Saturday morning we grabbed breakfast at the hotel, and then went and walked around the A&M campus for a while.  Saturday was also our anniversary, so it was only appropriate that we took a picture in front of the place we first met - the MSC (Memorial Student Center).  It looks quite a bit different than it did when we were there!

This building was the Journalism building where my professors and several of my classes were... it's been overtaken by engineering.  #boo But hey, at least I married an Aggie Engineer.  ;)

We then headed to Aggieland Outfitters to buy some new Aggie shirts for the kids, and then went to the George Bush library to visit the Bush grave site.  It was a gorgeous, but extremely windy, day in Aggieland.

We ate lunch at C&J's BBQ - one of our favorites in college - and then headed to New Braunfels.  We had to stop at the outlet malls in San Marcos because Aaron forgot a shirt for the dinner Saturday night.  #ohdarn  ;)

We really only went to Banana Republic, before we went to our hotel and watched some football before heading to the dinner in Gruene.  I have lived in Texas my entire life, but I had never been to Gruene.  Crazy, I know.  

Here is the typical Gruene Hall/water tower shot.

And we had a nice guy offer to take our picture.

The dinner was at the Gristmill right next door to the Hall, and we enjoyed it and definitely want to go back to Gruene sometime soon.  I will say, that I always thought Gruene was like a small town all by itself, but it's really just right next to New Braunfels.

Meanwhile in Houston... Conchita is a saint and took the kids to Chuck E. Cheese's on Saturday evening.  Apparently Chuck E. was dancing nearby and Bennett was slightly apprehensive about it.  Haha None of us like dressed up characters.  :)

Aaron and I grabbed brunch at the Buttermilk Cafe before heading home.  We picked up the kids around 2:00 and were back home by 3:00 getting ready for the week.  It was a fun weekend to celebrate our anniversary!